Follwing The Mercury

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  1. After some stops and starts I finally got rolling with the Merc and the drone for some overhead driving video. It was during this vid that the gimbal quit working. After some manual manipulation with the power off the gimbal started working again and seems ok (for now).
  2. Kinda got sidetracked from the video process trying to study the Merc. Is it original? Awesome car. I had a '54 Ford 2dr that I drove to work for several years.

    What are you using to edit your video?? Any offerings you might have will be greatly appreciated!!!!

    I just started editing video yesterday. I'm using Movie Maker. Struggling a bit but think I'll get it figured out.
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  3. Yes the Merc is an all original bought by my dad in 1959.There is plenty more of it on youtube. I use Windows movie maker to edit. I'm sure there are better programs out there but this is what I have and it is free. It would work better if my laptop did not keep crashing. I have made 2 attempts to edit my latest drone video and lost both when it went black screen each time. All the time spent cutting, captioning and adding music for nothing. Start over again from square one.

  4. Sweet car. You are Blessed to have it.

    I'm trying to self teach on video editing. I make a lot of mistakes. Learned early on, before editing, copy the video. Then I always have the original to go back to if things go bad.

    Anxious to see more of your videos!!!

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