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    Very lightly used in excellent condition- adult flown in GPS mode only. NEVER crashed or hit anything.
    Complete set up- with three orange batteries-#1 charged 18 times-#2 charged 13 times-#3 charged
    5 times.
    Also will include the new skyreat antennas, set of Tiffen filters, and two Strobon Cree strobe lights.
    Only flown for 3.5 hours- Traveled 14.5 miles- with a total of 26 flights.

    Selling because I never use the camera or video- I just wanted to fly- so no use of a unit like this
    just sitting-

    $650.00 shipped to lower 48- $600.00 face to face.

    Best offer if close enough to asking prices.

    Thanks for looking,
  2. Hi. Are you willing to part this out? Specifically, I'm interested in the Tiffen filters. Thanks!

  3. No thanks
  4. 20170503_085245_HDR.jpg OK- so its not worth 725? Guess youll just have to pay 1,000 for the same package?
  5. Calm down.

    It should sell at that price. But buyers have to believe in you.

    Why is it a higher price if someone drives into your driveway with cash versus shipping to them?
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    Had to find edit button- still can't do the For Sale edit,
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  7. Believe in me?Like how- beleive in the screen shot and ask for photos if they don't-
  8. I corrected the typo in the title.
  9. I appreciate that.

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  10. rixxie33 I do believe in you but ovrszd asks a valid question could this be a typo? If I didn't already have a XSP I would seriously consider yours.
  11. Read reply.
  12. Rixxie
    Do you have this item for sale yet?
  13. @dr4pat from a post in another thread made recently it appears to be sold.

  14. No- its flying in Jamaica now-


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