Formated SD card from camera setting.

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  1. My first flight i formated the SD card from the star link app in the camera setting.
    Could only play back all videos from the star link app only. tried all computers unreadable with usb reader, is this a bug that need updated.... their firmware said to be up to date. i did go ahead and formated the SD card from the usb reader on a computer to fat32 it work ok both way now . my question is the format on the star link app update able for fat 32. i did not test it again.
  2. Not 100% clear on your problem .. but ..
    Format on a Win10 PC or on the X-Star to fat32 and you get 3+ min video files.
    Format just on Win10 PC to exFat and this gives up to 8+ min video files.

    If I understand your SD Card formatted in the X-Star will not read on a PC?
    If this is the case, there may maybe a fault either with the SD Card, or the X-Star
    that needs a look at?
    Try another SD Card first .. (make sure its the fastest read/write available (i believe 90 Mb/sec.)

    Hope this helps,

    Regards, Cider Boy.
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  3. I don't know if this will help but I did ask what recommendations Autel had for micro sd cards. Andrew S. responded "For microSD cards, you will want a card that is rated as a Class 10 with a write speed of 60mb per second. I would recommend Sandisk cards as I have had great success with these cards."
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  4. I tested again with the mini SD card in the camera and formated the 64gb class 10 micro SD Card from in the app of star link and in the camera setup also in the far everything has been working ok ... i can also read from the SD card reader in my PC and played all videos with No trouble like i should... thanks for the help. i only had trouble that first day for some reason.

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