FOUND Autel Evo II Pro in AZ

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  1. If anybody recently (month of December) lost an Autel EVO II Pro anywhere in Arizona. I found one.

    What I know about it...

    It was the first time they had ever used it before because the name on the files began with MAX_0001.MP4

    They were using it for 22 minutes before it finally ended-up where I found it. Began at 12:36 PM, last video was recorded at 12:58 PM. 22 total minutes.

    From the last video recorded, it didn't seem that it crashed. My guess is, they wasted too much of the battery power, didn't pay attention, and it auto-landed, then shut-off.

    I don't want a bunch of people trying to guess where it was, what day it was; so unless you really lost this drone... don't contact me.

    If you can tell me what day you lost it, where you lost it, and what you were videotaping just before it went down? I'll work out a way to get it back to you. I probably live near where you do.


    In the opposite realm... I understand that it is proabably a very, very small chance that this person will ever contact me or that I'll be able to find them. So, I am stuck with a VERY expensive drone (I know everybody here is going, 'STUCK???').

    I have already figured-out that I would need the charger that charges the battery (which goes for around $80).

    However, I have no remote control device; and it seems like they don't sell them separately? (which is strange).

    There is an android app which can work with the drone... but I take it that it probably communcates with the remote control device, not the drone directly, correct?

    So, to actually use this drone I assume that I would need to find someone who lost their drone and, therefore, wants to sell their controller... and I'd have to buy the charger.


    Back to the 'find the guy who owned it' aspect. Apparently he would have already found it if he had had GPS turned on, I assume. Because it was still where I found it, it is assumed that he had no travel log anywhere he could use to find it.

    Might someone have a serial number database somewhere that some serial number could be used to track down the person?

    And, that's about all my questions. Anybody that lost a drone somewhere in Arizona, sometime in the last month (not people who want a free drone and try and pretend they can guess my three questions, because you can't) please contact me.

    And, anybody who might be able to answer my other questions (can you fly the drone without the remote control in any way, is there a cheaper way to charge the battery than paying $80, would the serial number be held in some Autel database, somewhere so the original owner could be contacted) then let me know.
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    I lost a EVO 2 6K drone east of Apache Trail I believe the day was December 10. I I have both 4k video and Jpeg images on the SD card. I can tell what I was filming during the entire flight. My telephone number is 480 300 2421. My name is Donald Miller. You would make me very happy if this turns out to be my drone.
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    For those who are watching this as it plays-out. I contacted Donald... he gave me very close information to what the facts were; but the first clincher was that it had a neutral-density filter on it, which it did. I had found it in the Superstition Mountains WAYYYYY up on the side of a cliff just West of the First Water Parking lot. He said he 'Lost the Drone East of Apache Trail'.

    Before I knew what had happened, I had wondered why a person would hover looking at a rock for almost 8 minutes. Later, I realized that the drone was doing that because it had lost connection with the remote and it was just hovering near the rock waiting for commands.

    Then, it probably just ran too low on battery power and executed a smooth landing.

    Amazing that it landed without the rotors hitting the burned brush as it landed (see 'Landing.jpg'. The place I found it was far up on the side of the mountain (probably nobody else would have EVER gone there. There was no trail at all and no indicator to go to the little plateau I found it on (which was hidden from every side).

    The last clincher that it was really his drone was when his wife said she takes photos at the same time as he does the drone... and she said the photo was taken on Dec 12th at 12:29pm - one minute off from the time that was on the first video.

    Donald was extremely gracious, giving me a very generous reward of $200 for my honesty.

    The thing that he said was a real strange coincidence was... he lost it on Dec 12th; but he had never signed-up with this Forum before yesterday. It turned-out that he signed up to this forum today, and I signed up to the Forum the first time, yesterday.

    God in action.

    Good luck, Donald... and try to not fly so far away from your remote next time.

    Here's a jpg grab from the last video of what it looked like as it was landing. This was about a second before touch-down...

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  4. Here is a photo of the rock that it stared at for 8 minutes before it safely landed...

    Realize that the image was extremely backlit; so I had to use Photoshop (in both cases) to raise them from the dead. The place it landed was deep below the brush with rocks on all sides (without it hitting anything with its rotors!!!) The rotors had to have come just a few centimeters away from the burned bushes as it landed.

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  5. Thank you again for you honesty and as you said, "God in action".
  6. So, in case you want to know exactly where it auto-landed...

    33°28'41.94"N, 111°26'42.56"W
  7. The orange dot is where it auto-landed.

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  8. Thank YOU for your generosity and honesty, as well.

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