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  1. Located in the center of france near the city of Auxerre Burgundy is the place for on os the famous better wine in the world, come let's flight !
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  2. Francis,

    You and your friend are very talented. Not only in your flying skills but also in your "eye" for good video. Perfect movement and speed. Leaving the viewer on a scene long enough to absorb it but yet not get bored.

    Being a country boy I enjoy the minor details more than the focal point. The beginning, lifting up out of the fog was excellent. Early in the video as you scanned one little town I noticed smoke coming from one of the chimneys of a large building. About the time I'm trying to figure out what that was about your focus changed to the outskirts of the town and I then noticed how frosty the grass was in the shade of the trees lining the road. Aahhhh, now I know why there might be smoke. The temperature was chilly that morning!!!!

    Excellent tour of that small area of France!!!! Thank you very much for posting this video. You are much more patient in regards to editing your videos than I. Well done Francis!!!!
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  3. Bravo Richard, yes indeed it was cold -1 ° c, thank you for your wise comment, you have a good eye, I love to take my time by filming my x-star flies at 5m / s, very gently, the landscape of Burgundy are really very beautiful, I took 2 hours to cut sequences and 4h editing with the software Wondershare Filmora .. Thank's so much and you know what ?? TO BE CONTINUED
  4. TO BE CONTINUED is a good thing!!! I look forward to it.

    I video'd a farming operation last night in darkness. I had never done that before. I need to practice that more so I can learn camera settings. In my still photos moving equipment was somewhat blurred. Any suggestions?? Video turned out pretty good. I'll post it on a thread when I get it edited.

    MAX_0075 (1280x960).jpg
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