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  1. I am unable to get a crisp still photo out of my xsp. The videos look amazing, but not the stills. This is with the camera set to auto exposure, shutter and also with any manual setting I try. I am practically unable to use the manual settings however because of perfectly spaced black and white diagonal stripes like 5/16" wide constantly going across the screen. Has anyone else experienced this am i doing something wrong? It seems like it should take a nice crisp shot on auto anyway.. And, the anti-flicker is set to auto.
  2. That don't sound good, I would get on the phone to Autel and see what they say. Sounds like a bad camera.
  3. Have the same problem!

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  4. I called Autel and they requested I send a pic of my tablet / monitor showing all the black n white stripes and a still taken from my xsp. i sent them the pics but only get recordings now when calling them back. They do give a 24 hour reply time, so hopefully i will hear back before tomorrow's end and get this resolved.
    sorry to hear gustavo veray...annoying isn't it. I will keep you guys up on what shakes out.
  5. Start watching this video at 3:34 minute as this guy had vertical lines on his camera and Autel replaced it even before he sent his old one back. He had no idea his camera was toast :) Read his comments on his youtube page to get the updates :)

  6. I heard back. ...fast reply, but it isn't looking good...yet. They said the stripes are because I have over-exposure warnings turned on and turning them off will stop it from happening. That is the good news, though I can't test it out now as it is dark outside. The bad news is that he said if I am comparing the still pic quality to one from a dslr camera i will be disappointed. I am not however...the stills from this are just plain bad on any level..very fuzzy and totally unusable.... I got better stills back 15yrs ago using consumer cameras that were like 2mp on a non stabilized gimbal and heli. I replied telling them this and that something must be wrong with it. Killer video but yet garbage stills from the same camera makes no sense to me.
  7. My stills are awesome. Change the settings, take some pictures and send them in to Autel again. They'll get you squared away.
  8. Yes, I got those diagonal black and white lines too but figured out I needed to adjust the exposure (rotary dial on the right front of the remote. My pictures come in about the 4 mb size although I am not sure if I shot them in jpeg or what. Maybe not 35 mm sharpness but I'm satisfied.
  9. Here is a picture I took of my mother's house after she had the roof replaced.

    This has been resized to 60% of original size to meet the file size limit allowed on here.

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  10. I saw the vertical lines that guy was getting. I haven't seen those, but this is what i had today.
    20170125_125907 (1).jpg
    As for the crappy still pics, the Autel tech wrote:
    "Yea, I haven't been super impressed with the quality of the stills. I have just resigned to only doing video. Not much I can do about it. I am sure the 1" sensor will start doing the quality stills we are looking for."
    i don't think it is the size of the sensor when considering what a tiny cell phone camera's sensor can do. Taking stills from video like how the guy in jaggerbomb52's post does might be the only way - for now anyway.

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