FYI Autels Sun Hood For Tablet Incorrect Dimensions.

Discussion in 'General' started by blackattack3, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Hello! I just purchased Autels sun hood for tablets for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580).
    Autels description of fits up to 10" is incorrect this tablet is 10" across and the sun hood inside diameter is only 9-5/8".
    This 10" tablet does not fit without spreading the side folds.
    Mke K
  2. Video screens are measured diagonally. Without doing any calculations a 10" screen is only about 8-3/4" measured horizontally and that is just the screen. You also need to take into consideration the "frame" dimensions. I have the same sun shield on my Nvidia K1 Shield. It has about an inch on each side and about 2" on the top and bottom. Regards

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  3. They still claim that it will fit a 10" tablet, mine is a 10" tablet and its still too small.
  4. I to bought the Autel sun hood for tablets up to 10"......the Samsung SM-T580 is a 10.1" screen.....doesn't fit, my fault not Autel's.
  5. The TM-580 has a 10.1" screen.....
  6. I'm using an Insignia 10.1". The hood fits very poorly. Even if my tablet was .1" shorter diagonally it wouldn't fit correctly.

    When I measure the long inside dimension of the hood it's 9 3/8".

    When I measure the long outside dimension of the tablet it's 9 7/8".

    No way .1" shorter diagonal measurement is going to fix that.

    The hood is simply built too small.
  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 9.7" (found used on e-bay for $100) and it fits perfectly in the sun shade. I couldn't be happier!

    I think another consideration is that some tablets have more of a widescreen landscape profile than the normal 4:3 ratio of many tablets. If you had a 10" or 10.1" tablet with this longer profile, then your diagonal would be longer, and it probably wouldn't fit.

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