Galaxy Tablet - Outdoor Glare?

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  1. For those of you who are using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A or S2 (2016 versions), how would you rate the screen glare when using the device outside versus an iPad? I had been using an iPad Air with my XSP, and of course the screen is extremely difficult to view on a sunny day, even when keeping the unit shaded and at max brightness. If the Galaxy tablets are better in the sun, I may pick one up to serve as a dedicated device for the XSP. Thanks in advance!
  2. I should be able to provide some information soon. I was using a LG G2 phone, which was awful in bright sun, and the video/photo options were unreachable. I just upgraded to the S2. I flew last light and it worked very well but was not a good test as the sun was setting. I did have one or two instances of brief pixelated video. (My browser doesn't think pixelated is a word.)
  3. Thanks, TomK - I look forward to hearing a little more on the S2 glare when you're able!

    I agree, the LG G2 I tried was as bad in sunlight as the iPad, which is notoriously awful outdoors.
  4. The S2 is much better than the LG G2, though I'm still looking into finding a sunshade for it. Although not related to flying, the S2 has fingerprint recognition which is very impressive. If I push the Home button with one of 4 fingers, it opens ; use another, or someone elses finger and it doesn't.
  5. Bought the Samsung GALAXY Tab A Model SM-T580 for use with the X-SP only. Found the screen glare excessive. Bought a sun screen, biggest I could find, but still not able to keep glare from hindering operations. I constantly keep turning the controller to observe video.
  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and I love how it looks outside. It's amazingly bright if you want it that way. Yeah the screen is glossy so there can be some glare but to tell you the truth, I put an antiglare screen on it and it's so bright that the tiny bit of loss of resolution you get from an antiglare screen doesn't phase me in the least. I like my iPad 4 too but I like the Samsung much more.
  7. Robert...thanks for the info. Which type anti-glare screen did you purchase? How did you decide on which type/manufacturer to buy?
  8. This is what I purchased:\\

    I am not saying, however, that I did a lot of research about it. I just looked on Amazon and ordered the first one I found at a good price. I like it but I don't know if some other brand would be better.

    One thing I did learn is that whatever screen protector you ever put on, do it in a bathroom that has been steamed up by the shower for a few minutes. It brings down the dust. Once I did that I started putting them on without a spec of dust under the protector.
  9. I have an S2 with a homemade shade. I noticed that the screen reflects me in bright sunlight. I've found that holding the controller up so that it shades me from the sun helps. It also helps to wear darker clothing. A white T-Shirt doesn't work well.

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