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  1. Hi,

    I was making a close inspection of the XSP and noticed only 2 Gimbal pins are installed on the gimbal leaving it looking like 2 are missing.

    How many gimbal pins should be used?

    I have had zero crashes or shocks to the aircraft so don't believe they popped out. I was wondering if 2 is normal of if 2 were accidently not installed from Autel?

  2. They only use 2, mounted diagonally from each other. The other two should have the shock absorbers but no pins. Autel says 2 is all that is needed.
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  3. Thank you. If I can ask another question. The small parts replacement kit includes a gimbal wire harness. Should one have been included with my purchase? Mine did not.
  4. No - the kit that comes with the drone only has pins, absorbers, lanyard, micro USB cable and propeller wrench.
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  5. Thank you!
  6. :) I searched for Gimbal Pins vs grommets. :)
  7. I add 2 small zipties.
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  8. I did too, but they should be loose to allow the gimbal shocks to work. Some claim using the ties is not wise; I’d rather the camera stay with the drone in a crash than potentially fly off.
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  9. Me too. I put them on very loose.
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