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  1. I've tried the Go Home function on my XSP and it doesn't seem to be working properly. When I hit Go Home, the drone lands where it is instead of going back to the take off spot.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

  2. There has been a lot of chat about this. If you are not far out enough it will do that I guess. If you go further out and higher I do believe it works the way it used to. I fly out quite a ways a lot and when I hit go home it works perfectly every time.
  3. I'd recommend that you call Autel about it. They are very helpful.
  4. Here is a copy of text from the manual pg 32

    • If the Go Home function is activated within 10 meters radius from the home point, the aircraft will land automatically onsite

    Also, make sure you are in GPS mode or "go home" will not function.
  5. This makes sense, thank you!
  6. The problem with the manual is, with all the firmware updates it's not completely accurate anymore (they never updated the manual after each or the final firmware update). They did change a lot of things. Little things like altitude height on take off etc...
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    I've been around the block for about 6 weeks on this issue. CS got to the point where they didn't believe me and wanted me to send my XSP's (in spite that 7 of them all behaved the same way and I independently had 2 other members of another site verify my testing results, so that makes 9. Finally, I got CS to ask one of their developers who also verified what I was experiencing. The logic is debatable, but here is what CS sent me.It's a complex matrix that, in my opinion, was developed by programmers who have no concept of flying. Furthermore, the fact that CS had no clue what was happening (or supposed to happen) was troubling.

    The manual isn't even close to documenting this. I have pointed out a couple of other discrepancies within their documentation. Doesn't seem they care to update the online manual since they have dropped the XSP.

    The matrix CS sent me is difficult to read so I translated it into a format less confusing to read. Hopefully I did the translation correctly. The RTH behavior is first based on the distance from the Home Point, then altitude.

    If your Home Point Distance is <10m
    The Xstar will land onsite where it's at (no RTH)​

    If your Home Point Distance is 10m<>50m and current alt is <30m

    The Xstar will climb to 30m and RTH​

    If your Home Point Distance is 10m<>50m and current alt is >30m and current alt is <pre-set RTH altitude
    The Xstar will climb to the pre-set altitude and RTH
    If your Home Point Distance is 10m<>50m and current alt is >30m and current alt is >pre-set RTH alt
    The Xstar will RTH at the current altitude
    If your Home Point Distance is >50m
    The Xstar will RTH at the higher of the current and pre-set altitudes​
  8. Just because the manual isn't as detailed as what you described here I wouldn't call it a discrepancy. Your first two bullet statements are in the book the others are not. To me it would be like comparing a vehicle owners manual to a shop manual of course there is more info in the shop manual. I am not saying that the owners manual is 100% accurate due to the firmware updates but for the purposes of this thread it's accurate enough.
  9. The manual now has a lot of discrepancies because of all the firmware updates and changes they made within them. They need to re-write it.
  10. I can verify these as true. I've done all of them at some point.

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