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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by rixxie33, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. From St. Augustine Fl. Getting ready to purchase the X Star Premium and extra battery.
    Just started to use Ominus fpv- first drone.
    Have a back ground of RC planes and cars.
  2. Rixxie your gonna love it. I fly mine almost every day. I bet you could get some good shots with yours coming from St. Augustine. I'm a couple hours southwest of you.

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  3. Looking for people in my area to instruct fly with.
    In case I get into trouble.
    Looks like it will go up and down though with just a push of the button.

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  4. It is really that easy. Push a button to start the rotors. Push another to take off. Push another to land.

    Find a wide open area to practice in to get the hang of the controller.
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  5. Its called the EASY button :)
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  6. Hey just wanted to say Welcome to the Fourm, I am currently in Oklahoma, but all my Family live in Florida, mostly between Orlando, Lakeland, St. Pete., but T.J.N. is right you should be able to get some outstanding videos living in St. Augustine, again Welcome.
  7. Robval I live in Lakeland. If your ever down hit me up.

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  8. Thank you all- my XSP comes in tomorrow,

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