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Discussion in 'EVO' started by cappy, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. As received, Evo position is shown with only the names of the surrounding streets shown on a white background. notice in many of the posted uTube videos about the EVO the position is overlaid on a google map. How do I import google maps to use to show the EVO's position?
  2. Not sure I understand... when using Android or Apple devices mine pulls up google earth or google maps sat views.... is this what you mean vs just a map?
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  3. Got it, Didn't go far enough on the location display choices to find the sat view, Since you had it, figured I must have it too, went back and found the google map overlay. Not flying yet, becoming familiar with the procedures,Thanks for the reply which turned out to be the hint I needed!
  4. Cool! I have about 6 flights in now. Tried waypoints offline and that works really well. I have noticed a few quirks but I'm sure they will be smoothed out with future firmware updates. Overall I am really happy with the EVO and it continually amazes me. Build quality is outstanding. Glad I went Orange. No big brother is such a relief. Wasn't looking forward to going with the other company and glad I waited.
  5. Thank heavens somebody came out with a good bird without the 'big brother' jazz. Can't see how those guys actually think they own their drones when so much control and monitoring is out of their hands. I haven't flown it yet, studying it's many features. Got the IOS download, now trying to figure out the picture download process. Wonder if I need a second Sd card for the camera. Also wonder if SD card that's in the EVO needs to be formatted first. Lets hear it for the Orange birdies!
  6. I used my SD card without formatting. I plan on adding another 32 GB card soon. My biggest issue right now is how to watch the videos. My pc is not designed for graphics very well. More of a business pc... low graphics card quality in it. I can't even watch 1080 on it. 720 is it. So, I transfer my 4K videos onto a flash drive or thumb drive and watch them through my smart tv which is rated for 4K. Awesome on a 65" screen. Needless to say these videos fill up a thumb drive quickly. Going to see about another pc or possibly a tiny hard drive with USB plug and play for the TV. We shall c.
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