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Discussion in 'EVO' started by John Stacy, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Is anyone currently using a 3G GPS tracker for their EVO? If so which one and how did you mount it.

  2. I’ve been looking at these as well. The Trackimo is being marketed specifically towards drones, but it obviously only works if it has signal. There are some other devices which are essentially radio direction finders and while they don’t use GPS, they are also independent of cellular service.

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  3. Autel support says as far as they know, the above device is not compatible with the Evo.

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  4. I use the Trakimo & the MarcoPolo tracking devices on my XSP. If i have cell service, i use both, when i fly in the mountains, i use the MarcoPolo. I lost my drone once due to magnetic interference, i found it with the MarcoPolo being over a 1/2 mile away! Well worth the investment. On the EVO you could mount it the way i did on my XSP, I used velco, looks nice & can remove it if needed, hope that helps, OC
  5. Trakimo here and very happy

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