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  1. Well, I finally took the plunge and after weeks of vacillating between purchasing an Autel XSP and DJI PA3 Pro I chose the XSP.

    I chose Autel for a variety of reasons:

    1. Bang for the buck. The XSP package is an amazing value...nothing out there even comes close. My pre-tax employee discount on the PA3 Pro was about $125 and the XSP was a shade over $200...duh.

    2. Online reviews. In virtually every review the XSP and PA3 Pro were neck in neck...I don't remember ever seeing a predominantly negative take on the Autel bird...stellar reviews everywhere.

    3. User forums: I spent a little time reading through the Autel and DJI forums to get a sense of how each group of users treated one another...especially noobs. The over all tone in the Autel forums seemed to be more tolerant, positive and less intimidating to new members...that is extremely important to me.

    4. Customer support: I can't emphasize enough about the importance of good customer seems to be a dying art. Again, Autel has received generally positive reviews for their US based support in both follow through and availability.

    This is my first real quad and when i say that I have ZERO knowledge...I mean just that. A while back I was given a special edition Traxxas SnapOn Tools quad by a friend who works for the company. Even though it was just a toy, I could never quite get the hang of it and maybe that's not a good sign. I have yet to put the XSP in the air but I have a sneaking suspicion that everything will turn out just fine. Thanks for your time and be safe.
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  2. DarkGable - Welcome! I think you will find your suspicions to be proven true. I just got my XSP in the air last week. Having never flown a drone before, I found the XSP pretty straightforward to maneuver.

    Good luck!
  3. Good timing...I just took mine up just a minute ago. It was a really short flight because it's 30 degrees and starting to snow...that's Iowa for you. I was so excited that I completely forgot to remove the protective film from the camera lens...I'm sure that it will be a VCR. Let me know how you progress. Be safe dude.
  4. Just thought I would say that I have the exact same one (snap on version) and that it is a great little toy. This is how I learned to fly the bigger ones. The ones made by Alias LaTrax are pretty much indestructible which makes them a great learner.
  5. Hi and welcome to AF, enjoyed reading your intro.
  6. I totally agree with you about the Alias being virtually indestructible. I think part of my struggle was impatience on my part as well as my twins constantly trying to rip it from my hands. The other problem I had with it was after replacing all of the motors with new the correct order...two of them refused to spin as fast as the others. I gave up and now with sitting above my desk collecting dust.
  7. Thank you. Quick question..I had questions about the smartphone interface...I am truly out of my depth when it come to this stuff and I wanted to make sure that my queries are directed to the right place. Thanks again.
  8. MAX_0038.JPG Aloha from Hawaii,

    New member here, writing from Maui. I'm loving the X Star Premium! It's my second drone (first was the Parrot Swing). I just returned from my third flight with the XSP. So far so good! Our Trade Winds have been gone for a few days so the weather has been perfect for flying. The sky is deep blue, the ocean turquoise and the forest green. I know half the U.S. is frozen right now, so this flight is for you! Or... time for vacation so you can come fly in Hawaii. Anyway, good to be here, I look forward to learning and sharing lots.


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