Greetings from Kentucky

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Matt True, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone and greetings from Kentucky USA. I am a firefighter and I am interested in utilizing drones in Emergency Services. So if there are any other Public service peeps in here I would love to chat about what you are doing. Thanks and happy but safe flying everyone!
  2. A belated welcome, and thanks for joining us here on the forums! Glad to have you.
  3. Thank you Sir!
  4. Welcome Matt. I heard you guys have blue grass over there.
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  5. Matt. Welcome. I am a volunteer for the US Forest Service. There have been a number of time in which we have (officially) use my drone to: Look for lost people, look for animals, do trail surveys, etc.
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  6. We do! Nothing like the Blue grass of my ole KY home. LOL
  7. I am going to a committee meeting next week to get the ball rolling on a State Wide program for us to start using drones. I’m excited
  8. That does sound exciting!!
  9. I think that, the more we can get government interested and excited about 'drone possibilities', it will be very advantageous to the drone industry. Let us know what you accomplish on a State-Wide basis.
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  10. I’ll let you know for sure. Have a couple of agencies to help as well! Thank you guys for the support

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