Greetings from the Great Basin!

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    Just received my new X-Star Premium last week (purchased the "Rugged Bundle" from B&H). Haven't had a chance to get it in the air yet but the excellent build quality of everything from the aircraft itself to the waterproof case and various accessories makes me confident I have made the right choice with Autel. I've been contemplating a drone purchase for some time, just been waiting until the still photo image quality for prosumer-type drones became acceptable. 15 to 20 years ago I was taking aerial photos with a remote controlled medium-format camera mounted on a tethered blimp, and I'm really excited about the vastly increased flexibility that the drone offers!
  2. Sundog,

    I just joined the forum and saw you are from Nevada as am I flit g the skies of Reno and the Sierra. Welcome!
  3. Welcome aboard, neighbor!

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