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  1. Drones! To believe some news there are swarms of them up there. After the drone craze of 2015 that prompted FAA registration for fear that everyone and their brother would be getting a drone for Christmas, one could think that all you have to do is look up to see a drone buzzing around. I started flying them in 2015 and in the three years hence I have not seen another drone, quadcopter, or whatever at anytime. Not even around my neighborhood. Never once have I encountered another one flying in any area I have flown. I get disappointed sometimes that I'm the only one flying and think that it would be nice, at least once in a while, to know I'm not the only one who has one. So, the question is have you encountered other drones while you're out flying? Has there been more than one? I'm not thinking of places where others could be expected such as group gatherings for the purpose of flying. Has it ever been that you have seen one around your own neighborhood or around some other place you've gone to fly?
  2. I have never encountered another drone while I have been flying. However, I also live in the mountains.
  3. I have not seen them either, either close to where I live or the 3 RC fields in this area.
  4. Through research in my neighborhood I did find a phantom 3 flier and we go flying sometimes but I really had to look for him.
  5. I also live in the mountains but on the way up the hill the other day I saw a drone in the sky. Definately wasn't an XSP. It was a little smaller and black. I could not see the pilot anywhere. That's the only one i've ever seen besides my landlord who lives right beside me. He saw my XSP last summer and was so impressed with it his wife bought him one for xmas.
  6. I have two friends who (like your friend) were so impressed with the XSP, that they bought one for themselves as well.
  7. I’ve only been flying drones (XSP & Spark) for about 6 months but have not seen another one before or since. Either in rural Wisconsin or the cities.
  8. I have seen three others in my neighborhood in the last year and two others at more distant locations prior to that.
  9. Only twice in 3 years and I fly very often.
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