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  1. Hey guys, new here on the forums & excited to be here.

    I purchased my XSP on ebay a few days ago. Waiting for it to arrive. Really excited about this one. I was fighting between the P3/P4 and the XSP won in my opinion for price, onboard telemetry and good looks

    I want to get setup with a good working set of FPV goggles. What do you guys recommend? Keeping in mind that im in a bit of a budget however a extra $50 or $100 should be ok.
    Starting from a good tablet android or apple?

    Also need a good set of FPV goggles. Really excited about this )) What the best for on a budget?

    Thanks for any insight or help here

  2. Could anyone shed some light here please :)
  3. Hey there Bud, I am new to this forum as well. I can not help with FPV Goggles, but I have the XSP as well. I am not sure if you can use FPV goggles with it. Can you?
  4. Hey Ben,

    From what I've gathered since i started this thread. The best and only way to use FPV on the XSP is to use an NVIDIA shield tablet & a good pair of goggles like headplay or something similar. The HDMI output from the NVIDIA into the goggles and your good to go :)

    I don't know if there is any other cheaper option.

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  5. Thanks Jakeaheli!
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