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  1. Hello to all. As I am sure most of you who are new at flying a drone did, I researched for days about the phantoms in comparison to autel, I even compared the flagship model above the phantom called the mavic. In the end the things that swayed me was the fanboy mentality of the phantoms, it seemed they were oblivious to the horrid customer service and the sheer number of flyaways. When you look at Autel, they are new to the drone game, but not new to high end electronics based around diagnosis. All reviews on customer care were phenomenal and the flyaway stories seem to all end with the recovery options on the remote doing their job. Customer service to me is huge, I think it reflects a companies motives, of course they all share a profit motive, but they don't all share customer satisfaction motives. It seems the phantom company sells, then forgets, complete with faulty firmware upgrades, ignoring obvious issues resulting in lost drones and of course, answering a phone. Autel is new, and growing in the industry but they waited until they could release a Truely comparable drone, instead of releasing at the original planned time with a drone lacking in too many areas. This says a lot about the company itself. All that to say, these are the reasons I chose the xstar premium over even the mavic.

    So how did I get interested in drones? Let's be honest, everyone has at least a little interest in drones, but for most the price tag pushes them to the side of intrigued but not yet drawn in. I was that guy, I had high end Rc cars when it was a new idea (the build a 40mph ones) but ultimately the cost of repairs drive me out of that hobby. I was younger with better things to do. Several days ago I was letting my dogs out at 5:20am when they alerted to something in the yard, as I peered out my door, I saw something white and fairly large in my yard. I left the dogs behind and walked up to what was a phantom 3 standard, upside down and dead. I listened intently for the pilots wondering when it crashed and if anyone was yard peeping at 530 in the morning (bad idea in my state, we have a make my day law). I heard nothing, so I picked it up, saw the camera and immediately pulled the battery. I went inside and checked my security footage and what I saw was a sudden flash of something going very fast for a compact neighborhood so low to the ground, about fence level, it smashed into my house and bounced into the yard a solid 20 feet from impact. The crash occurred at 3:30 am, and it appeared the drone was attempting to take back off for just under 2 hours until the battery failed.

    So I took to Facebook and immediately learned of a couple of young guys who were known for night flying (in my state this is frowned upon, but legal). I was wary that they were using it for criminal purposes so I wanted to verify innocence before tracking them down. I had to wait for a card reader from amazon. Each day I looked at the drone and mulled over its aesthetics, and the gimble, each day I was slightly more enamored with it. Today I received the reader and pulled the files. It showed the owner and address, which was two yards away from mine, they were completely innocent and appeared to be learning how to fly. I expect they did not anticipate the winds at night and it did the flyaway, he asked me if I found it in a tree, I told him it was in the ground. As I was putting the card back in and the battery, my evil money sucker gremlin told me I have to buy one. So, I ordered the x star premium package deal with two batteries, two cards, extra props etc. I am beyond excited and also nervous, a $1000 investment is huge for me, but so long as I don't lose it or total it, it will so be worth it. I am an pro gone amateur photographer and the camera is big plus to me.

    As I sat here thinking of it, I decided to look at gps tracking devices to assist should a flyaway happen, there are a couple that are ridiculous in cost and have monthly fees, and so far I haven't found much else but a wallet finder or the like perhaps. I also started wondering about lights, for night flying, not necessarily ones that beam down but more of a set of lights I can see from the ground at a distance.

    So that's me in a very large nutshell lol. Any tips? Or responses to the tracking or lighting that I might garner from you more experienced flyers? I also write a lot, so expect a new forum whore that will start a lot of discussions and hopefully someday I can contribute to the answers. Happy flying all.
  2. Welcome. I'm new here too. I researched higher end drones for a year! My family bought me a sharper image drone for Christmas and I was hooked. I have a buddy with a p4 pro but my first instinct was the xstar. I was intrigued from day one. I found a deal with everything you have from a guy that I think was simply just afraid to lose it. Never flown brand new with a extra set of props and a high speed memory card still in the package. He sold it to me for $600. I couldn't pass it up. I have flown mine 15-20 times and not one time have had a issue except for a hard crash into a tree. Totally my fault. I thought it was destroyed but it didn't hurt a thing except a broken prop. I calibrate it every flight even if I have flown the same area before. I love it. Rock solid so far.
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  4. As far as I know the new software and firmware will allow you to "find my drone" thru gps. Even now, if you look at your screen, it will get you very close to it. I am sure someone will elaborate on this and correct it. I know i read something about it in the new firmware or software.
    Enjoy the x star, it is a great quadcopter. A few months back I flew out about 2 miles, (longest flight) and while I still had good video signal it automatically started to return home even though I had 11 minutes left. Well when it landed it was down to 15: battery! Smart little bastard it is!
  5. The latest Starlink update has the new "Find My X-Star" feature which displays the last 3 positioning points on the map view when the aircraft is disconnected. Haven't tried it yet.
  6. Is it a ap update or do you have to upload it to the controller?
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  7. I wouldn't suggest this repeatedly. If the drone had a headwind coming home it wouldn't have made it.

    Although I too consider it "smart", it isn't smart enough to factor headwind....
  8. It's in the latest Starlink app.
  9. Where is it in the app?
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    Per AR: "Find my X-Star. A new icon on the flight screen will show the last flight path and flight information which should help you track downed aircrafts". I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but I believe at least one other member has already used it to locate a downed drone, see the thread entitled "Compass Calibration and Tile Tracker Beware" in the "X-Star/X-Star Premium" section.
  11. Just got a reply from Autel CS:

    1. Make sure you are logged in for the flight log feature. "Me" section of the start menu
    2. Once connection is lost to the aircraft, tap the Map view in the lower left of your screen
    3. You will now see a new icon on the right of the map, at the bottom of the list
    4. Tap the bottom icon for "Find my X-Star"

    The map will then change and show you the last known points and display the telemetry from your flight. This will create a projected flight path of where the drone may be based on that information.

    They will be releasing a new support video on their YouTube channel tomorrow.
  12. So do I need to update my firmware or just keep iPhone app updated?

    Also, is there some way to see the details such as firmware version? All my stuff is Apple, I mac, iPhone, iPad, and I have not connected my drone in any manner to anything but an iPhone for flying. So any tips of what to do, how to do and how to know if I need to do. Would be greatly appreciated. I am still trying to figure everything out.
  13. Hi Sage, nice to see you here.
  14. Do you work for the railroad? I retired from UP and they would never allow a drone to fly over the yard. But of course being an employee has its advantages ! nice video!

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