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  1. Hey there,

    I just recently purchased the X-Star premium a couple days ago and have already gone on quite a few flights. As the title says, I live in Portland, OR and am fortunate enough to have a ton of things to fly around and take videos / photos of. I purchased my drone purely for recreation but could see myself getting more serious with the photography aspect of it in the future. As an architect, I'd like to be able to document the rapidly changing skyline in PDX.

  2. Welcome!!
    I just went through your neck of the woods on my return from Idaho. Such a beautiful country!
    Hope you like your XSP as much as I love mine!! Have you updated the firmware?
  3. I'm really impressed by the quality of the photos and videos the XSP takes. I've gotten some footage of the smokey haze that's in downtown Portland from the wildfires. Unfortunately, I have one battery (2 more are on the way Friday) and not a lot of daylight when I get home from work.

    I haven't updated the firmware, I was unaware until you asked. Is there an advantage to updating it? I do seem to be experiencing some streaming issues while I'm flying, but I've looked online for some remedies for that.
  4. According to most the firmware update has been a game changer in a good way. It sure has to me.
  5. The streaming problem you are having could very well be the device you are using for the starlink app.
  6. I've used an IPhone 6 and and Ipad (whichever the newest model is (not the pro version)) with the Iphone cable from apple and have had the choppy video stream. The actual video comes out great, but it makes me nervous while flying because of the weak signal warnings every 30 seconds or so. I'm going to run through my troubleshoot list one by one and see if I get any better results.
  7. Sounds good. Maybe even contact Autel to see what they say.
  8. Did you get the battery's from BestBuy? great price from them right now. have you had any problems with the yaw? slow to respond? then spins fast
  9. Best buy didn't have them so I ordered them directly from Autel. They were $100 each which looked cheaper than best buy actually.

    So I was able to try and troubleshoot a bit last weekend. Using my iPhone 6 Plus, I turned off wireless and Bluetooth and had a substantially better connection while not recording video. I was even able to fly with no choppiness without LoS of the drone. Once I started recorded, I got a SOME break up, but it was not nearly as bad as before. This test was done in park in downtown Portland, where I would imagine quite a bit of frequencies are floating around.

    I'll update more as I try a couple other things this weekend.
  10. Hey DronePDX, I live in Corvallis and have similar problems when I use my iPad. I don't get that with my Galaxy pad when I use that? I have not seen the video recording interrupted just the warning. I love the iPad cause I get a larger picture and its easier to shoot the video from a camera point of view instead of looking at the drone. I use reading glasses while flying to see stuff, ha. I have been to 400 ft and 1/4 mile away with no interruptions, just the warning. I have only lost communication with the drone once and it promptly returned to home, in-between 2 barns and 3 vehicles in close proximity, impressed to say the least. Great flying while we have winter sunshine. AL

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