Hello from Portland, Oregon.

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  1. I'm new to drones and bought the x-star during the prime sale, delivery is some time next month so I'm busy reading up on as much as I can.
  2. Welcome. Orange or white? And, have you ever flown a multirotor before?
  3. Thanks Eric! Orange and no I haven't. I'd been looking at drones on and off for some time, when I saw the prime deal I pulled the trigger. A bit of an impulse buy but I'm really looking forward to photography from a different perspective.
  4. Well, just start out slow and in open area away from any obstructions. Get a feel for the controls and how the xstar reacts to them.

    Just keep two things in mind:

    1. If you start to get nervous, just let go of the sticks and the drone will stop and hover.

    2. If you lose orientation you can do two things, either flip the switch IOC mode and just pull the right stick towards you, the drone will fly towards you no matter what direction it's facing. Or you can use the home button to get it to fly back. Just make sure there's nothing above or in the path of the drone when you use the home mode. The minimum altitude is 100ft for RTH, it can be adjusted to a higher altitude in the settings if you wish.

    And the most important part, make sure to have fun!
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