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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dave Cunningham, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. I have been checking out many drones and have decided on an xstar but still have some questions about it . Im having a very hard time finding somewhere to purchase xtra batteries for it . No one seems to sell them, not even Autel ! This will be a deal breaker if i cannot purchase spare batteries !
  2. I would agree. I purchased mine in February with 3 batteries total. 2 have failed so I needed replacements. Fortunately Autel seems to hold back an inventory of batteries for warranty replacement.

    Are you saying if you try to purchase a drone from Autel with additional batteries they tell you that isn't possible?
  3. I have not contacted Autel directly about this . I tried to order from thier site and the batteries were unavailable !
  4. Hi Dave from another Saskatchewan Autel owner. I have not tried to buy another battery yet but Autel did send me a replacement on warranty when my first one was showing signs of failing. I see Best Buy is advertising the batteries here https://www.bestbuy.com/site/autel-...premium-drones-orange/5624245.p?skuId=5624245
    On second look I see they are not available there. So here is another one at Carolina Dronz
  5. Hey Roosty6 Just checked today and found many batteries for sale . Weird how last week no one seemed to have any and now everyone has ! I just ordered my xstar c/w 2 xtra batts so should be good to go ! Is the xstar the only quad you have ?
  6. Yes, my first and only one. Got it last December so my learning process was done on some cold Sask. winter days. Good to hear you found some battery sources.

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