Hello, from south/west Pennsylvania (Beaver County)

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  1. Located in south/west PA, about 20 miles north/west of Pittsburgh in Beaver County.
    Born in 71, 45 years old.
    Into Jeeps, RC anything, guns, dual sport motorcycles, camping, screwing and drinking. No particular order.

    I got my first quad when the Parrot AR Drone came out, I think it was 3-4 years back. I have had a Dramida Ominus (my buddy lost it), a couple Blade Nano QX indoor quads, a blade 180 QX HD (quad is decent, camera is a sick joke!).

    I've been into RC trucks/cars since high school, yea... the late 80's when the Grasshopper, Black Bear and others were considered awesome!

    So this is my first prosumer level quad.

    So far I am loving it! I've flown about 10 batteries through it. I bought it with a second battery, so that helps... but I can see that one needs to own 2 chargers and at least 4 batteries. I really need 2 more!

    I have already uploaded a few videos to YouTube under my name Larry M Musgrave, but they are untouched and unedited. I don't currently own a PC that could do any sort of video editing. Heck, I can't even watch the video from the drone on my PC after copying the file to the hard drive! It opens the video player and plays about 3 seconds and then locks up, after maybe 5-10 seconds it plays a second or 2 and locks up again! This repeats. SO I have to YouTube it so I can watch it.

    Anyways, I need a PC. And video editing skills and software. And batteries.

    I bought the quad primarily for photographing my other hobby, my Jeep Wrangler. I take it on trips doing rock crawling and trail riding and would love to get some video/pictures. I was in Colorado 2 months ago at these amazing 13,000 foot mountain tops and would have absolutely loved to get some killer shots! Next year!

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  2. Larry, welcome. Nice outfitted jeep. I have a YJ years ago.
  3. I have read reports of marginal XS performance at high altitudes.
  4. I spoke to Autel about this subject in particular. The issue is that the thin air at high altitude requires increased motor RPM. Some of the competition will physically fly higher than that X-Star, but do so at radically high RPM with an increased threat of motor failure and crashing unexpectedly. Autel limits the RPM of the motors to the point that it will function up to 14,500 feet, but it will be sluggish as the motor speed is barely adequate. This prevents over speeding the motors and ensures that the aircraft will not crash from motor failure.

    I'm okay with this limitation and I understand why the Safeguards are in place.

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