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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rod, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Hello - I just got into drones recently. Love photography, so I decided mine as well get an aerial camera. I literally spent months and months researching which drone to get, and I kept going back to DJI until I found Autel. I could not be happier with my X Star Premium. It's amazing how well this thing flys. After searching EVERYWHERE online, I found that Carolina Dronz had the best price. I'll definitely buy from them again.
  2. Hi Rod, welcome to the Autel drone forums! Thanks for joining.
  3. Hello, Rod.

    Just joined this group this week and am still waiting to receive my X-Star. I am also in the IE. Any advice on places to fly these machines?
  4. Hi there. What part of the IE are you in? I live near Rancho Cucamonga. I generally just fly in my backyard, as I try not to bring too much attention to the drone. I'd like to take the drone out off the 15 somewhere, in an open area, however I have not yet.
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  5. Rod - I live in Upland, so we're neighbors. I'm thinking of trying to find a spot on the Wrightwood side of the Angeles Forest. One spot I'm thinking about is on Rt. 138 just off the 15 north of Devore where the Mormon Rocks are in the Cajon Pass. It appears as a "green area" on the FAA maps. I'll let you know if I find any good spots.

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