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  1. My name is Eric and I am from Wisconsin, which is on seasonably warm right now. And when I say on seasonably, it was 56 degrees today! Which was awesome for me, because I got to take out my new Alltel X star premium drone that I bought myself for Christmas. Only had a chance to get it in the area a couple of three times. I am new to drones, but with the Alltel, it makes it so easy, I wish I had of gotten into the RC Arena a long time ago. My goal is to get into drone photography and cinematography, parlaying that into Maybe taking videos for real estate agencies for all the companies that utilize Drone footage. Right now I'm struggling with getting good quality 4K video. I posted a question on the Forum about my troubles with filming quality video. Anyone who'd like to jump over and comment I have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to converse with all of my new drone family!
  2. Hello and welcome
    One thing you will need to do before getting into selling of your videos of photos you will need to get your part 107 to make legal.

    I read your other post about the camera. If your sure its not your computer (can't handle 4K) then try this player to see if the video improves.

    Now if that did not work get yourself a better SD card. The one that comes with the camera is only a class 1. for better speeds and 4k video recording it should be a class 3 SDcard.
    Now if after all that and it does not work you might have bad camera so a call to Autel would be my next step. I watched a review from a professional photographer who had a bad camera right out of the box and Autel sent him a camera even before he sent the old one back.
    Good luck
  4. Thanks Jaggerbomb. I'll definitely check all of your suggestions. That's more than I've been able to get from the web so far.

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