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    I began AP in 1999 using a 35mm film camera and my own gimbal on a gasoline/piston helicopter. With me being me, the concentration soon turned into a design/cnc manufacturing business making the first AP rigs that simply attach to the skids of any gasser/60 size/700mm heli capable of the payload. I manufactured the first side mounted gimbals and more notably the first retractable landing gear unit with unobstructed 360 pan. The business closed in ~2008 and I have not been active in AP ever since. There were times when it was difficult to see gimbals on TV and all the stunning aerial shots that're so common now. It seems however, I have been bitten by the bug again(Blade Inductrix @ Xmas might be partially to blame. :)) - though not to manufacture anything except nice video/stills. After a lot of research, I ordered an X-Star Premium and anxiously await it's arrival.!!! :)
    I am amazed at how much things have advanced and look forward to making some new friends on here.
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  2. Welcome, glad to have you here on the forum with us.
  3. Welcome, looking forward to all your knowledge you have over the years.
    Great to have you aboard
  4. Where in upstate ?
  5. Thanks guys! Things have changed so much..advanced quickly. I am almost starting over, lol. If anyone needs help tuning a gasser heli, single rotor for AP, I'm your guy.. :)
    MadMattz, I am outside Albany, nearest Bennington, VT
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