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  1. Well here we are folks. I got started into the UAV world by building a Rotorway helicopter in my garage, after several years and almost ready to fly, here came the divorce papers. Yes, i ended up selling my dream due to finances. I thought of building another copter or an ultralight until i started noticing them crashing more often than i would like. That's when these drones started popping up, I could still fly, not die and be high in the sky. Hell ya! So in Sept. 2016 i bought a Syma drone for $40 on Amazon and flew it all over, but wanting more, I followed Dji & Autel reviews. After several months, Autel was for me due to the awesome customer service i had heard about. So in Dec. 2016, i forked out a couple of grand ( x-star premium, 5 more batteries, a Marco Polo tracker, samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7" & all the fun stuff i could get my hands on) I've had more fun than a little kid riding his first bike. Now since my pilot skills are perfected i'm working on my video & camera skills. Nice to meet you all!!!
  2. Orange: Welcome to the forum. Thanks again for your help on the other thread. It's great, not only that you are so close (a few hundred miles), but that you also fly in terrain (mountains) which is where I intend to fly as soon as I get my XStar Prem.
    I look forward to seeing more of your pictures
  3. Kroorda: Not a problem, i'm glad i was able to give you the information you required before making a purchase, I love camping even more now being able to fly in the mountains, I LOVE OUR MOUNTAINS!!

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  4. Welcome Orange Crush!!
  5. Thank you Turfargon, I should have joined sooner!!
  6. You should have!!! Better late than never though. ;)
  7. For sure, I have learned a lot here & have a lot to offer during my learning curve.
  8. All of that is much appreciated!! I have been an IT and fixing and working with hardware and software since 1995 so i also try to share when I think I can help anyone.

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