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  1. Hello I'm a new XSP owner and new to this forum, I had a hard time deciding witch uav to purchase between the xsp or phantom 3 pro , of course I decided to purchase the xsp and don't regret it at all so far. I am curious if from watching the video that Autel released ( we've beven working on a few things) a week ago, it looks as if they are coming out with retractable landing legs and obstacle avoidance, will these upgrades be able to be purchased as add on's
  2. Doubt they will be add-ons. Camera maybe.
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  3. Very doubtful. I would expect these new features will be on a new model. I heard some new camera options will be available in 2017 for both existing models.
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  4. I saw some videos from CES after I put up this post I'm already saving for when they release the 1" sensor 4k
  5. The retractable gear is on the "concept" drone. It's still in the testing phase and no word on when this new drone will go public
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