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  1. Hey guys, Rick here from MN. I just made my first flight yesterday and it went great. I waited a week for nice weather and I wanted to play by the book so I got the drone registered before flying it. I even sent away for a plastic ID card just like the one the FAA emails you but I added my photo to it, it was only 10.00 :)
    Here is a pic of the drone with my vinyl registration number on it, I have a small cutter. And also a video link of my first flight.


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  2. Nice video...your remaining snow pack looks like mine...I'm in Ham Lake
  3. Wow, hows it going neighbor ;) Im right below you in Blaine / Circle Pines right by the Walmart and Homedepot near Lake and 35W. How long have you been flying?
  4. By the looks of your video I didn't think you were to far away. I got mine this last Christmas only had it out a few times I have been trying to fly across the lake from my back yard (I'm on the north edge right by Ham lake camp ground) but so far only been able to get about 3/4 mi which is about half way across the lake before I lose connection and return to home kicks in. How about you? Any good flying in your area before winter kicks in again. Are you also by the Fleet Farm?
  5. Yup right by Fleet Farm, I live in the development where they moved Walmart to. I had it out today but the video was starting to cut out a few houses down. I have way to much WiFi interference around here. I also seen a warning today before I started it up, the battery was saying (warning battery temp low). I waited for the battery to warm up and it went away.
    Have you tried the antenna reflectors that clip on? they should help focus the signal towards the drone. I have a bit of background with wifi :) they wont make a huge difference but they should help focus it.
  6. Actually I made a redneck antenna haven't tried it yet plan on tomorrow to see if I can make it across the lake. Made from tin foil and cardboard I tried to up load a pic to this forum but for some reason I keep getting error msgs. I am actually better at flying than figuring out this forum still working on the drone photography lots of you tube videos out there to learn from.
  7. When ever I need to learn something I turn to YouTube. After I'm done I say I'm YouTube certified to do the job at hand lol.
    Have you seen this mod? I don't think it's something I would ever need to do but it's very interesting. Let me know if your mod helps at all.

  8. Actually I have seen this and am intrigued by it but not confident that I can do it. I have some confidence in my redneck antenna I will find out after work today. If this works I will do a new thread and hopefully post a pic or two.

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