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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ken Smith, May 22, 2018.

  1. Relatively new drone pilot here in eastern PA. Flying an X Star Premium and learning some things the hard way-like misjudging the radius of an orbit flight (video uploaded to photo/video). Have to say that Autel has awesome customer service.
  2. Hi Ken,
    Welcome to the forum. You're right. Autel has the best customer service in the industry. I still need to learn the orbit mode. :)
  3. Welcome Ken! You have a great bird in the XSP. and Autel's customer service is very good. Take it slow and easy at first until you get better and flying it but, it's almost impossible to crash the thing. I have played with orbit a few times but it's not something I'll use often. I like to just fly free, wherever I want to go. I have not used waypoints yet. They have a distance limit and I often go beyond that limit when I'm out in the open. Those mode options are good to have though. I may try the follow mode this Summer while I'm in PA and out on our boat. I'm originally from PA and still own a place in the country up there. I'll be flying around the Susquehanna and other spots this Summer.

    Take care and happy flying!
  4. Welcome aboard!!
    Your life will change now......

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