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  1. New to drone life here. bought a premium first week of march and just past the FAA 107 test with 80%. Less than an hour of flight time when writing this thread. But my first flight I did crash into a tree within ten minutes. It was low level ( under 5 ft from ground) at a distance away. My drone was turned around at a long distance, so I was pushing the stick to go left but it was steadily going right sideways into a tree. I didn't stop to think that when the drone is turned around the controls basically work reverse.
  2. I'm totally new so whatever this is worth. After I launch I first get altitude above any obstacles close by. I never try to mover laterally until I've done that. Secondly, I always obey Autel's advice, launch the drone with it facing away from you. Then the controls make sense.

    Also, once I'm above obstacles I quit looking at the drone and fly the "screen".

    Hope you didn't break much. :(
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  3. I did do some upper level flight for a bit but I figured that I needed to also work on some close obstacle maneuvers also considering I was gonna using my drone for work purposes. So I thought that I would go around a tree, so I did that easy enough, and then rotated 180 to face me and decided to move further away from the tree before I would make it ascend. So I push the stick left to go away from the tree first but because of the reverse direction it went right into the tree. Fortunately I was only a few feet off the ground so it didn't fall far to the ground. The only damage was some surface dirt on the props. And the drone was about 100 roughly a hundred feet away. I will say that my second and third flights did go better and slightly easier with more aerial maneuvers with 10+ mph windy breeze. I do use the auto launch option on the controller for safety.

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