Hi from Ohio

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FF119, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Just purchased the X-star premium bundle from Autel. Also just passed my 107 test, so I'm dying to fly but it's
    7 degrees outside. Gotta Love Ohio!
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  2. Welcome to the forum! Great to have you.
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  3. I can appreciate the cold thing, I'm in the Detroit area. I too have just gotten my Drone and have NoT been able to go flying. The fact that I'm disabled doesn't help. Take care.
  4. Welcome fellow Buckeye. I purchased a X-Star Premium a few weeks ago and the weather is not cooperating. Can't wait for the weather to clear up.
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  5. It sucks to be grounded due to weather, eh? It rains a good bit here.
  6. I'm really close to pulling the plug and moving south!!!!
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  7. Come on!
  8. Welcome from Northern Ontario where its cold 9 months of the year :)
  9. Lived in Ohio my entire life 46 years but I'm ready for warm Year-round weather. Plus way more flying time!!!!

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  10. Welcome Jagerbomb52. I'm sure Ontario is beautiful but I don't know you can stand the cold

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  11. I have a cure for the cold weather, its called alcohol and game shows in the afternoon till winter is over LOL
    Thanks for the welcome.
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  12. Ben, I see your with Acadiana Aerials. PM me, I'd like to know how to get started with aerial photography.
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