Hi I'm Megan!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Leigh13, May 28, 2016.

  1. Hi I'm Megan, I come from Ireland and I am very interested in things like drones and technology! I would love to learn more about these kinds of things. I think drones are going to be the technology of the future in terms of business. They are so cool!
  2. \r
    Hi Megan!\r
    I'm Lisa and I'm from England, I'm totally new to drones but I saw one fly across my house the other day and it looked cool so I thought I'd learn more about it.
  3. Hi Megan! I'm Bree. I'm from the united States. I've recently became interested in drones also. I hope to purchase one soon! I know some mail services are using them to deliver mail.
  4. Glad to see some gals in here!

    Thus far I've managed to hold off my 6yo daughter from playing with the 2 drones i have (1 dinky toy, 1 XSP), telling her she'll get her own soon (after she finishes enough chores on her chore chart! :)

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