Home, Field, & Multi Charging Solutions for X-Star Premium?

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  1. I recently Purchased X-Star Premium w/ 2 batteries + the free battery offer for total of 3 from Carolina Drones. Was approved for the free one but they have yet to ship. I have searched around for multi chargers and 12v car chargers for the X-Star to no avail, however I cannot help but notice the similarities between the DJI P3 Batteries and the X-Star's and do see many aftermarket solutions available for DJI P3 system.

    It seems there must be a few on this forum who currently own & regularly fly both the X-Star and the DJI P3. I'm curious if any of you can confirm if the connectors on both battery systems are fully compatible or not. I am also quite interested if you experienced fliers might have a good idea on which multi-charger solutions for Home & Field may be available or adaptable to X-Star and which may be the best, better, and affordable system(s) you might recommend to acquire.

    I have seen posts on the RC Group Forum that describe adapting a hobby multi-charger using either a DJI P3 adapter or a Traxas Connector to enable the use of a single hobby charger and this relies on the user to turn on the Battery and merely apply a charge to the + & - terminals without a balance connector relying on the built in balancing in the battery to balance the charge and a Programmed 4900mah rating on the charger to deliver the correct charge amd shut itself down.



    I was intrigued by these aftermarket units on Amazon but am relunctant to purchase until I can confirm it will work with the X-Star:




    Anyone with some experience along these lines care to contribute to my education?
  2. Not compatible. Buy a cheap inverter for mobile charging.
  3. I'd either get more batteries or a cheap portable inverter generator.
  4. I do believe the batteries in a P3 and an X-Star are a lot more similar than you may realize though. After all they are still essentially 4S lipo hobby batteries that contain their own intelligent balance board that will be at 16.8v when fully charged. While a DJI charger does run at 17.4v & an Autel charger runs at 16.8v, I think it is pretty safe to say the 0.6 volt difference isn't going to matter an awful lot in the grand scheme of things, especially as with more than one battery charging, that voltage will drop under the charging load to around 16.8v or significantly lower anyway. The battery's balance board will shut down the charging circuit in the battery when the battery is fully charged, if it exceeds a set temperature, or if too much voltage is applied & prevent overcharging.

    According to what I can figure out from internet searches, where the chargers differ greatly as I understand it is in the remote control charging socket and voltage on that line in particular. These aftermarket accessories are reported to supply 17.4v through a larger socket to the remote as well (which confuses me since DJI P3 remotes operate on 2S lipo cells @ 7.5v-8.6 max charge -- Perhaps DJI employs resistors in the remote itself to prevent overcharging with a 17.4v charger?) whereas an Autel Remote operates on a 1S 1400mah lipo Battery @ 3.7v-4.2v max charge. So long as the remote is not charged on that charger leg you should be fine using the existing accessory and that socket could be adapted for another battery to be placed on charge.
  5. So what did you do?
  6. Autel is coming out with a 5 port charger this year. Frank from CarolinaDronz said it should be around 99 bucks.
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  7. Kinda reminds me of buying from apple, our way or none
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  8. More then one way to charge these batteries ;)

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  9. How did you do this and how is it working out? Time for charging? Multi charge? Please advise asap. This is what I want to do.
  10. And what connectors :). Btw that tinergy is no longer available. Is there an equivalent or better on amazing I can snatch up?
  11. I just received and started using my XSP. I am also an amateur radio operator. While I have 3 batteries for my drone, I only have one charger. That means it could take up to 3 hours to charge all three batteries. In the 2-way radio industry, 'Bank Chargers' (which allow multiple batteries to be charged at the same time) are common. Such a 'bank charger' would really be a valuable asset to us droners as it would allow us to have multiple batteries in the charger (and charged) at the same time. Hopefully, Autel will produce such a device in the future.
  12. +1 for Ham Radio, I was N3SNL and welcome. There is not a official multi-charger, but others have posted with some other options.

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  13. I’m also a Ham, WA1HYU, licensed since 1964 (I was 9 at the time). No longer active since my Dad passed, but have kept my license current.
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  14. Ah! Welcome HAM's!
  15. Anybody ever figure this out???
  16. think they are reg JST hook-up
  17. These are what I use to discharge my batteries without flying. Could I use this setup to charge them? Sure. But, I already had the ProQuad charger from race drones. In the grand scheme of things, it isn't any more cost effective to buy a multi-charger, really. Just look for used autel chargers on ebay, or from Autel. They can be had for $30.


  18. this is an old post but I would appreciate any information on the outcome since new batteries are hard to come by for the X-Star. I believe that maybe with a different charger/balancer, maybe it is possible to revive the current batteries that we have so we can fly these birds a little longer.

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