Horizon not 100% level - SLIGHT tilt to photos and video

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  1. I went back to all my photos video since I bought the XSP 4 weeks ago, it's odd..some of the video and photos look level and ok. Then I have a few that appear slightly off (pictured). It's nothing major - I've seen really bad tilt issues on another site with Phantoms - it's just enough that it drives me slightly nuts.

    Pics and videos can be easily fixed in post-processing..

    Anyone else have this problem? Is there a setting or something I can adjust?

    I added the horizontal guide lines in Photoshop
  2. Yes, there is the ability to level this up.
    Look under 'gimbal settings'.

    I normally set this level on the ground before flight after 'compass calibration'


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  3. Thanks! I really appreciate it.
    I'll try it.
  4. That worked, again thank you so much! I saw that Gimbal setting once but never really messed with it, I usually use menu for Compass calibration.

  5. I hope this helps for me too. I've only flown it once and it seems to seriously tilt at a couple points. I also noticed going up and down that it spun while doing so. i'm hoping recalibrating it all makes it better. Here is the video if anyone has suggestions.

    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Thanks for the info.I think i have it fixed now!!
  7. I have noticed that it's very easy to yaw while going up or down. Because there is no hint that you have moved the control over a little
  8. You are correct. It was pilot error. I've since flown many times and i noticed it was me that was doing it and it only happens when I want it to now.
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