how is everyone tonight?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BeautifulBree, May 29, 2016.

  1. I've made a lot of posts, but haven't got any responses. I like the site just wanting to see if anyone else is out there? If so how are you tonight! Check out some or threads and give me some feedback please :)
  2. Hi BeautifulBree!It does seem pretty lonely here at the moment. I'm doing good today except I've got horrible back pain but it just means I can rest up and browse the forum.
  3. What a coincidence I'm having back pain today. Thank you for responding. I was beginning to feel quit lonely here. I am however enjoying the forum.
  4. It kind of feels like we have found some abandoned cyber drone place. I hope someone with a drone says something soon, I'm dying to learn about them.
  5. I'm new here as well, I hope I get to see some cool stuff while I continue to post here :). I might show some of my friends as well.
  6. Hey, I just found the forums and saw your post. If you'd waited for me to show up, you would have died of loneliness and boredom!

    I am so interested in learning everything I can about drones and what makes people enjoy them--everyone has their own reason for the hobbies they choose. It's more sedentary hobbies for me. I like reading, writing, although I do enjoy swimming at the beach in the summer.

    But drones are a new a fascinating subject for me. I love new technology, and learning about the things that tomorrow's grownups will take for granted, for everyday life.
  7. Hi all. just looking around. Judyjo why are we here? why do we enjoy the Autel? this is why Sunset no filter MAX_0001 (16).JPG

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