How is this possible?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samuel Garner, May 15, 2017.

  1. I lifted off my x-star premium near a house with a metal roof. Didn't know too much about magnetic interference. The drone ended up crashing from 40 feet up, and flew down and hit the ground at 20+- MPH. Camera fell off. Was fine. So is the gimbal. Drone hit the ground, seems the props took most of the G-force. I put everything back together... it worked.. talked to tech support. Figured out MI was responsible. Now it's flying fine. How the hell is it okay? Any Phantom I would of driven before would of been destroyed.
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  2. You lucked out. Not sure how it crashed hard enough to disconnect the gimbal assembly from the drone without breaking it!!!
  3. My friend hit a tree going about 30 mph. (flying in a snowstorm not recommended). I mean he hit this dead on. Camera flew off, battery broke a clip and flew out, props gone and the shell was popped up.
    We found the battery 4 days later in the snow still blinking. Loosened the screws, popped the shell together, new props, put the camera back and flew fine. Yes, this is one tough SOB.
  4. Lucky pilot!!!! Does appear the structure is very durable. Gimbal seems to be most at risk.
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  5. Haa, I wouldn't go so far as saying he was a "pilot" haaaa
  6. Yeah, there are two kinds of pilots, both being in control of the craft, sometimes wisely, sometimes not so much....

    I've been both..... :)
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