How many Flights?

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    Saw this on another forum:

    Based on this, and an average of say, 20-minutes per flight, we should expect 90 to 120 flights. So... does anyone have more than that on an XSP, or any other drone for that matter? I currently have 25 flights on my XSP, and another brand drone with a little more than 60 flights. I've seen a video of someone with more than 115 flights on an X380. I have an X380 also and the motors are very similar to those on the XSP but mine only has 52 flights on it. So, how long can we realistically expect our XSP's to remain airworthy?

    EDIT: Sorry it's 115 rather than 150 flights. My bad typing skills strike again!
  2. They will be "airworthy" for a substantial number of flights. I have over 300 flights on my XSP.
  3. I never doubted we should get much more than what that report stated. I know there are folks out there with well over 120 flights on their quads, as you are evident. Awesome! I hope to many, many more great flights from mine.
  4. Each successive flight is better than the last in my opinion. The XSP is just so dang fluid, I love it. Don't crash it and it will last for years.
  5. Agree 100%
  6. I have complete faith in the machine. I question the expendable support necessary to take us into the years ahead. I don't think it does any good to hoard batteries. That might be the limit to how long we can fly this machine.
  7. I'd have to agree. But how many years is reasonable to be expected, in your opinion? Mine is anything over 5 years is wishful thinking. They way technology is and how prices fall so drastically, so quickly, I don't think it is reasonable to expect longer support longevity than that. My opinion of course.

    This IS NOT to say the drone is obsolete, you may find parts for a few years beyond 5. But short of crashing, if 1 critical part needs replacing, it won't be long before other will follow suite. The weakest link principle is high in this hobby/business.
  8. Lithium batteries do not go bad over time. Rather, they generally go bad (are extinguished) after so many recharges. The important thing to getting the most life out of a lithium battery is to not store a lithium battery fully charged, nor store it completely discharged. The drone manufacturers to go a great (and precise) effort to automatically discharge the battery when it is not being used. People who purchase battery dischargers (and use them on drone and other lithium batteries) are doing more harm than good. They would simply be better off letting the auto-discharge circuitry and programming do the job for them.
    If you take care of your drone, don't fly it in the rain, and don't abuse it, there is no reason why it shouldn't last for years'.
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