How to cancel RTH.

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  1. How can I cancel RTH once it kicks in. I can bring the drone home faster this way.

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  2. Hold the "pause" button.
  3. Thanks will try it next time I fly.

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  4. Besides the pause button, (which I prefer) a 'cancel return to home' rectangle should appear on your tablet/phone from the starlink software.
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  5. Yep, tap that.
  6. May have just been me (I was in a bit of a panic at the time), but I don't think tapping the "Cancel Return To Home" rectangle works if it's coming home due to going into the "Failsafe Mode" where it has calculated that it needs to return NOW in order to have enough battery to make it back. Tapping the rectangle had no affect for me, and in my excitement I forgot about the other methods of cancelling RTH. Fortunately, the X-Star was flying high enough to be above everything along the way back - I've heard of at least one case where it flew right into the side of a hill that happened to be higher than the RTH altitude. Ouch!!
  7. I agree, sometimes tapping the screen doesn't cancel. Not sure what that's about.

    As to altitude. I learned early on, if possible, launch from the highest site you can. Remember, the drone only relates it's return altitude to what it was launched from. If you launched in a valley for example, and fly over the ridge, when it activates RTH it will certainly fly into the hillside, forest, building, whatever is in the path.
  8. Setting your RTH altitude in the app to a higher number will also help avoid obstacles. I have mine set at 300 ft.
  9. For how long?

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  10. It's just a press and release
  11. All that does is pause the return to home. You need to cancel it in the App to stop from coming home.It is very clear on the App to cancel. I have no idea why you cannot see it
  12. Well to be honest I was not even looking at the app. I was just too busy to interrupt the drone to get it down so I can catch it. It worked too but took a while. I wish that there was another solution to cancel the RTH with either stick or a combination of it. Next time I will have to look down instead of up I guess. Thanks for all the nice replies and help.

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  13. The cancel on the remote does the same thing. Otherwise if you did not have a phone or tablet you would not be able to cancel.

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