How to fly above 394 ft

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  1. What settings do I need to change to get above this altitude?

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  2. In StarLink, disable Beginner Mode. You'll see the altitude limit setting (And distance limit setting) on the same page once you disable Beginner Mode.


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  3. Thank you

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  4. Maybe I missed a setting but I found 400 feet was the maximum altitude even out of beginner mode.
  5. Start watching at 29:26 and Bo shows you how to change that in the app.
  6. The FAA full is 400 ft max. I don't quite understand why the settings allow you to exceed.
  7. Not much different than a vehicle being able to go over 100mph when fastest limit is 70, to my knowledge

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  8. The FAA limit is 400 feet above land or a structure , however when I'm in the mountains, from where I take off to the top of my street, the elevation change is well over 400 feet. So, setting to 800+ feet is critical for safety of the quad and running into trees and other objects (houses). At 800+ feet ABOVE my take off point, I have still not exceeded the FAA limit while I am flying UP the mountain.
    This is one reason why we have the ability to set the quad above 400 feet.
  9. Just remember the 400 foot limit is not a law if you are a hobbyist. It is a guideline. The only people capped at 400' are commercial operators and even they have conditions where that can be exceeded as necessary to complete the operation when conducted within legal guidelines.

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  10. I understand that it is a guideline, however as more hobbiests, kids, young adults get these in their hands, the laws will quickly change. Some just don't use their brains to think rationally and about the safety of other commercial aircrafts in the sky and the possible issues that can arise.
    This is a fun hobby for most, those who push the limits will ruin this hobby with more government crackdown.

    Have fun and fly safe!
  11. I have a lot of friends who started out years ago flying fixed wing aircraft (blanks).
    A lot of these have a ten foot wingspan. For them to fly safely they need to fly 1000-3000 feet high. That is why the AMA was so hot on the FAA's rear end to not put a limit on hobbyist. It will still be years before all the dust settles on all this. Just wait till the companies like Amazon Prime Air and Dominos Pizza just to mention a couple get going. Thats when the real fun will start LOL


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