How to remember to remove gimbal lock

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  1. IMG_0356.JPG This is how I remember to remove the gimbal lock before flight. I don't store the battery in my XSP after flying. Printed with my inkjet. Cheap but effective.
  2. Might work!!!! Although I store the battery in the craft.

    The most effective I've saw is a red strap about a foot long fastened to the gimball lock. Kinda like you see on aircraft.

    I've only forgotten to remove mine once. Was in a hurry to capture a AG tractor working in a field. Couldn't figure out why my screen was blank....... Took a few seconds to figure it out. Dumb......
  3. It works for me, since I have to remove the guard before I even install the battery. Thanks for the comment and fly safe.
  4. Your thread motivated me to create a preventive measure. Used a piece of rachet strap. Thanks for nudging me to do something!!!! :)

    20170501_085126 (1280x720).jpg

    20170501_085157 (1280x720).jpg
  5. IMG_6122.png In addition to a "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tag on the gimbal lock itself, I'm also a believer in stickers.... :)
  6. I did the same as this last picture. Wrote "Lock" above the battery to remind me. Last thing I would do is turn on the battery, so a great place to put the note.
  7. I got the strap from a aftermarket gimbal lock from Carolina Dronz and a sticker on the battery and I still screwed up (once). Why? because I was talking to someone else the same time I was powering up the battery. Bottom line here is that you can have all the warnings in the world but if your not focused on what your doing you will screw up. I did learn my lesson.
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  8. Yep, my one time so far was caused by being in too big of hurry. :(
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  9. I juat got my X Star last Friday. Haven't made this mistake yet, but certainly understand how easily it could happen. I plan on making a foam insert for the battery compartment on the drone. I'll write, "Gimbal Lock!" on it. If that doesn't remind me, it's doomed.
  10. I've only flown a couple times since I made my red strap, but so far, I'd be an idiot to initiate flight without removing the gimball lock. Hopefully this will overcome my shortcomings......

    I always store the Drone with a battery in it. But I guess I could go your route if mine doesn't work.
  11. Don't worry too much. It is not all doom and gloom if you forget. I bet that I have 5 take offs with the lock installed and probably a couple more just turning it on here at the house.
  12. I use a lens cover so know immediately if I've forgotten. :)

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