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  1. I thought I had the height, but I didnt. I was across the field about 250 yards away. I was sick to my stomache walking across the field. Luckily nothing broke.

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  2. I pay very close attention to terrain elevation changes. If there are any, the viewer indicator value isn't worth much. Appeared to be flat though and you simply miscalculated the tree height. I call these moments "Stupid Human Tricks". :)
  3. Glad everything was ok! Love the sound effects lol.
  4. Hehe nice sound to the vid. and also glad the drone's ok, I had near misses myself but so far luck prevailed.
  5. I would have preferred a narration of how/why this happened for others to learn by.

    I'm also glad the Drone survived.
  6. Whoops! I did the same thing, except I hit a rock outcropping. The outcome was not so good...

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