Ideas on new 1in sensor camera price?

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by JoeyR, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Anyone hear how much the new 1in camera module will cost?
  2. I'd like to see $199.95.

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  3. AMEN to that.
    I am guessing that it will probably be more like +$400.
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  4. The standard camera is $350 still, so you can bet that they will mark it up SIGNIFICANTLY higher than that. It will be painful.

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  5. What is painful is seeing an image from a $350 camera. I will be shocked if the new camera is under 1K. A 1x1 inch sensor is substantial and I hear they buy the sensors from Sony. In addition the area of coverage for a sensor that size requires quite a bit of engineering to go into the lenses. I do hope they get it right with the new camera. One of the compelling reasons to purchase Autel, for me, was the exchangeability of the camera. If they hit a home run on this new one, serious shooters will have a hard time looking to buy anything else.
  6. Photo Ninja, I see that with your handle you take imagery serious. Myself also.
    As new to this and in my area, FL Keys. I am waiting for a serious sensor to capture great images and videos for what seems as great commercial opportunity down here.

    As of right now the video and images to most people are incredible. The people who want to pay me for tourist marketing images/video think its awesome.

    The new camera will set me above the fold.
    I will probably pay what they want, since it will increase my own marketing and sell-ability.
  7. I spoke with Autel a while back and they told me new camera will be $999.00

  8. Damn...................................
    Thx StevP
    But, to make $$$ is to spend $$$
    Also, they need to release the update to make this work all good. If not, then I dont know.
  9. Does anyone know if it will have adjustable aperture? If it's $1k and doesn't have that then I'm out. I'll sell it and put the money in to DJI

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  10. Time will tell. Hopefully it will be everything we need. Hopefully cheaper than 1k!!!!
    I think it will be a great sensor.
    The competition is fierce, so they will have to step up.
  11. I look at it this way (as a person researching a platform, but not committed to Autel....yet):

    -What will it ("it" being the X Star Premium) be competing with? Its direct competition would be the Phantom 4 Pro (well, its only competition would be that).

    -if a user already has an XSP (with the old camera, original flight technology), and "they" bought their bird at the ~ $799 cost arena, would a $1000 camera upgrade onto an "old technology" bird (the 1st Gen XSP, with no sensors, and a very limited flight distance and AGL capability compared with the P4Pro), would a cost layout of $799 + $1000 make economic and tech-capability sense?

    In the end, Autel (to me and in MHO) would have to sell the "new 1" sensored camera" to existing Autel XSP owners at a cost that would ultimately bring the package not up to, but below the cost of a P4Pro: ie. less than $1499...and when (its only a matter of time) Autel releases their newly-anticipated far advanced XSP bird (bristling with sensors, and with unlimited AGL altitude setting, and vastly improved distance limitations), Autel would still have to compete with their only competition: the P4Pro, at the current price of $1499. So, Autel could "leverage" their tremendous customer service (well know to Autel owners), and price their new bird at $1499 with the new 1" sensored camera, or, Autel could come in at say, $1200 for the new improved XSP-2 with all the technology that the P4Pro has...all this assuming that DJI will eventually come out with an upgrade to the P4Pro....soon...its a cat and mouse game for both companies (anticipating what either may be releasing next, and at what price point).

    Also, IF the XSP-2 will push the $1200 or $1499 price point, it will absolutely need some 3rd party development applications for alternative flight app., remote sensing, 3D modeling, and photogrammetry apps partners.....FAST.

    But there is no doubt that the "base bird" needs to have some serious sensor technology and distance increases if Autel wants to set into the $1499 ish price point realm (those that pay this kind of change are mostly pros, semi-pros, and fairly well-to-do amateurs).

    ....anyhow, this is how I see the "big picture" in the evolving quad bird semi-pro realm.
  12. You mention limited range, on the low side both of mine hit 1.2 miles, I've seen both of them go out over 2 miles. To me, that isn't limited range especially while the FAA states that you must be within line of site. At a half mile you can't see it. At 1 mile it's long out of sight.

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  13. Silversand, I agree with everything you said. Well stated. We the consumers are caught in the middle.

    I don't need obstacle sensors. Being an amateur I don't really need any bird improvements. But if they become available I "want" them and at a decent price or I will feel like I've hitched my wagon to the wrong horse.
  14. ...there will be applications (numerous) that researchers will get special permissions for, including doing off-shore reef overflights, and oil platform inspections, and many other scenarios flying way out beyond the 12 mile (and even territorial waters) , where it would be a requirement to do aerial mapping and surveillance out beyond 5 and even 6 kilometers from launch site (this would be covered under RVSM, MNPS and ICAO (Annex 2) ). This is for professional work, not recreational flying. So, in effect, the Autel (say, the pro Generation 2 model bird) would have to compete with the P4Pro's 5, 6, 7 kilometer control range.

    So, Autel could implement an unlock range and AGL instruction set (built into the firmware) with a special password (ie. the user would have to provide the usage and liability details to Autel to unlock these settings)...

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