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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have been wanting a second drone as a back up should something happen. I called and found these are new. I am glad to get it because I don't want to go through learning a different system. I don't care that it's white as long as it performs as well as my original. I gotta add that once again their customer service was exceptional!
    I sent them a email to ask if it was new. I received an answer within about 90 seconds. Start to finish the whole process of inquiry, response, order, and ship took about ten minutes. And no shipping charge! How cool is that? I should have in 5 to 7 days. I'm very happy!

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  2. Awesome! Can't fault Autel's customer service! They are excellent. You did get a white one then correct? Batteries are out again though.
  3. Yes it is white with orange accents. So instead of a pumpkin this one will be a creamsicle.
  4. Woody, First, you need a drone that can carry cargo. What type of drone do you have?
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  5. Autel XP premium

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