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  1. I will be traveling to Colombia this Christmas (first time out the country...besides some Canada trips) and would like to bring my XSP. I've heard of a few horror stories of people's drones being taken by the TSA for one reason or another. Has anyone successfully hauled their drone internationally? Is there anything that you would recommend?
  2. If you have heard horror stories, If I were you, I wouldn't even think about trying it.
    But that's just me. Others may say to go for it, or tell you that they managed to do it.
    Personally, my drone cost me too much money to take a chance like that.
  3. Horror Stories? All the internet searches that I've done have revealed that traveling with a drone is VERY EASY. The TSA states that it is okay to transport a drone, as well as your batteries. Batteries must be less than 100 WHour batteries (which Autel batteries are at 74.5WH). Nearly all internet searches will also reveal that most people have no problems with the airlines as well. Both the drone and your batteries MUST be carried on. The drone can be checked, but your batteries must be carried on. I also got a couple of fireproof battery cases (from Amazon) for $12, to put the batteries in. That way, an untrained security person will feel better about the batteries when they see them. DO remove your battery from the drone though.
    Don't worry. There are 100 positive, success stories for every 1 horror story. Drones are easy to travel with! Now, what you need to be very aware of is 'drone usage in the country that you are going to'. The U.S. is very relaxed; whereas a few other countries really freak out over drones. For instance, forget about taking a drone to Peru. The last thing that the Peruvian government wants is a bunch of drones flying around Machu Picchu and other historical sites, while tourists (who provide huge income to the country) are visiting the sites. It definitely is wise to do an internet search on drone using in the country that you plan to go to. But, as far as putting a drone on the plane; no worries. If you have any questions about TSA rules, they are clearly printed on the TSA "What You Can Bring" website.
    Happy Travels

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