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  1. when you switch to IOC mode how to you go about selecting home lock vs course lock?

    also whats the benefit / drawback to fly in ATTI mode?

  2. That was the first question on my mind, maybe an answer will come.
  3. there is no actual switch to set it from course vs home lock. you basically get the drone in the air about 30 feet away or so a switch to IOC mode. if you then add right or left roll , it will orbit you if you select forward pitch/backward pitch it will come right back to you on a straight line. this is neat as you can then add a slow yaw to the drone to get nice smooth video with out woring about the drone going off course. i only used this one so far but im pretty sure the description is accurate. i wish Autel would be more descriptive with their manuals. the pdf online and the one that comes with the drone are different at least on page 31. here's a link :
  5. it doesn't' look like you attached a message to the reply?
  6. I think the switch will be in the screen in a place that will seem obvious once you know it's location.
  7. If we make enough posts maybe someone smart will come across this thread.
  8. It would be nice to have that but like i mentioned in my response, there is no switch. you change actions between home lock and course lock by using the right controller.
  9. its best to just go out and try what i'm telling you and you will find it pretty intuitive.
  10. I may need to read more carefully that will be a great help. You turned out to be the smart guy I was looking for.
  11. I posed this question to their support this morning and promptly receive an answer:
    Remote Controller
    switching from home lock to course lock
    How do I change from home lock to course lock once I have activated the ioc switch, am the proper distance from the flying xstar (I have a preimum), and have touched ok on the screen appearing after ioc is active? The manual is vague on this subject (page 31), the forum is not helpful at this point, and the lovely Natalie has not made a video on this subject (that I could find, and I have been researching this since I brought it two weeks ago). Thanks

    At this time, the only IOC mode available is home lock, which explains why you were having such a hard time finding information on it.

    This may change as we continue to tweak the features our aircraft offers. We are coming out with brand new firmware later this quarter.

    Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates regarding this issue.

    Hope this helps!

    Dan C
    Customer Service Agent
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