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  1. My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland in the fall and we both thought it would be awesome to get video with the drone. Has anyone done this? Or does anyone live there that can shed some light on what I can and cannot do?

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  2. If you mean Northern Ireland, that's subject to UK laws which are summarised here.

    Otherwise, the Republic of Ireland doubtless has its own laws which I haven't checked but will also be subject to EU regulations which are summarised here.
  3. I read through the rules and they seem easy enough to follow and much like our laws. I’m not sure what laws I read and if it was specific to northern or Southern Ireland. It talked about needing permission from people that could be in any picture or video you take. Permission to fly over property and such.
    I really need to find someone that lives there and has a drone to find out more.

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  4. You can't take recognisable pictures of anyone without their permission. This is anyway prevented by the laws which state that a camera drone must not be flown:

    a) within 450ft of any congested area and/or any organised open-air assembly of 1,000 people or more;

    b) within 150ft of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft;

    c) within 150ft of any person (reduced to 90ft for take-off and landing only)
  5. Those seem easy to follow. Will they allow me to register my drone even though I don’t live there?

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  6. Did you check here?
  7. Yes thank you. I’ve been doing more research to be prepared.

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