Itelite DBS Mod is here for the Premium!

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Slingshot, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. It's a little big but doable. Being that transmitter runs at 900 MHz. Being this is a new item, I'm still waiting for cables and instruction video. Then I can put this baby together. Can't wait!![​IMG]

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  2. I will be curious to follow your progress on this one. What do you expect the range to be extended to?
  3. They are saying 3.5 to 4 miles. We'll see.....
  4. Is that all you get with the purchase? Who do the cables come from? Mounting options? Picture of the back when you get a chance.
  5. The antenna kit comes with a mounting bracket, antenna, internal and external cables. Like I said in my post, this is a new range extender for the premium. I just received the antenna and the cables should here by Friday. ITELITE are going to be posting an instructional video on YouTube for the complete installation. When I get everything together..I will post the complete install and first flight results. I have installed these DBS Mods on a P3A and a Yuneec Q500+. Both with great results. unnamed.jpg unnamed (1).jpg unnamed (2).jpg
  6. Thanks for the extra pictures.

    I was thinking you were having to buy your own cables for some reason.

    Run to a hardware store and purchase some torx bit screw drivers. Tiny ones! You'll need them to disassemble the remote.

  7. Hey Slingshot, any luck yet with the modern? I'm getting ready to order one,but still can't find anything on installation. I talked to itelite and they said there would be a video on YouTube next week but that was like a month ago. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Slingshot
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  8. The installation is complete and it works as advertised. The installation video is on YouTube. I went from 1.5 to 4.5 miles before I started to loose video link. I'll tell you what you need for sure is a T6 Torx Driver, a small Allen set, a 7/32 and a 5/16" wrench a drill and a 1/4" drill bit. Take your time and watch the video. Brian did a good job doing it. For $140.00 it was well worth it me. I am able to get off a cliff or bluff and fly down into a canyon with a rock solid signal and not have to worry about loosing the video link. I do mostly commercial work with the X Star. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Nice. Where's the YouTube link?

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  12. Come on now. You know a video or at least a screen shot is needed. :p
  13. Yeah, I got mine on. Haven't tested yet due to bad weather.
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  14. Any updates on how this product works for you guys? Installed myn this week. Finally got up in the air yesterday, no change in range for me. Only change now is I need to make sure the antenna is facing my drone at all times or I loose radio. Also antenna falls off my controller constantly. I'm going to need to change the clamp before I break a wire.
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  16. Got mine out yesterday and got it out about 3.5 miles before the video starting breaking up. I okay with the results. I zip tied the bracket on to the controller. No issues. must keep the antenna pointed at the drone. This is a linear set up and easily achieved by monitoring the display. Also I'm using the Starlink (beta) for testing. Everything seems to working well at this point.
  17. I used rubber bands doubled up from one clamp to the other. Bad design on the clapping mechaniziam.
    I live in a residential area with lots of interference. I was only getting 3000 feet stock. With the antenna mod I was able to get 1.09 mile. So for me it was almost doubled.

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  18. What are the dimensions of this? And could I send it to somebody to install it because I don't trust myself not to mess it up haha

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