July 16 Crops View

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  1. Xstar premium pic from last evening's crop tour showing spring wheat headed and canola blooming. I shot some video with the drone and also some with the I phone as I wanted an audio intro for the video. For some reason the I phone video (in Quicktime) will not upload to the windows movie maker program so I can't add it to the drone video yet.
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  2. Hey Roosty, I'm thinking about starting a thread for AG crop pics/videos. What do ya think?

    We may be the only two here that capture such things, but that's okay. :)

    Love your pic. I shot some good video this morning of a corn field in full bloom.
  3. Also, maybe you already know this, I narrate my "movie maker" videos on my laptop. So I don't have to try to add audio from a different device. I do this when I'm processing and saving the video. :)
  4. I guess we could keep an ag drone view thread going alright. Especially during the crop growing season. I do my audio voice tracks on the laptop using windows sound recorder. I had a little trouble adding some Iphone video (quicktime) to the Windows movie maker but eventually figure it out. I should have re done it but it was too late in the day.
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  5. Hi Roosty although we don't crop anymore I still drive the tractors for seeding and at harvest, I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am still very lucky I can walk.
    How many acres do you seed and count me in if you guys don't mind. I'm supposed to receive my X_Star Premium this next Mondaya and hoping to contribute some field vids this fall or next spring.

    Tak care all

  6. Normex - sorry to hear about your MS. I have Parkinson’s Disease, and took up the drone hobby to keep me active with something outdoorsy. The touchy yaw of the XSP can be particularly challenging to deal with when my meds wear off!
  7. Hi Norm
    Not a lot of acres here on this small farm. I might do 800 acres between my own and brother's. Plus around 300 acres of fallow to spray/till through the summer. Looking forward to your videos and photos when you get flying.
  8. Normex, looking forward to your videos/pics.

    Roosty and I have a few months of experience on you. But you'll catch up quickly.

    Bigbit, I agree concerning the touchy Yaw. I still struggle with that.

    Thanks to you guys for contributing!!!!
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  9. I'm not sure what that term "touchy yaw" means. A little too responsive ?
  10. Yeah. When watching my videos I'm jerky when yawing or spinning the drone.

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