just lost my drone virginity today in FL

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by rickd, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Hello from Tampa FL.
    I just received my new Autel X-Star Premium in blaze orange yesterday. Today, after watching numerous youtube videos and reading the so-so manual that came with it, I decided to go out and give it a go.
    My wife and I are realtors in the greater Tampa area and I plan to get the 107 certification and use it to take aerial photos of our listings.
    On my maiden voyage, something went wrong, I think maybe the drone lost contact with the controller and it shot straight up to several hundred ft. Scared me to death. I was able to bring it safely down, but I don't know if it did what it was supposed to do or if there was some sort of glitch that made it do that.
  2. rickd,
    Try to give as much detail as to what happened because there are many knowledgeable people on this forum. In the meantime I would suggest shooting a description of the problem to Autel. Things like like proximity to buildings, power lines, high KP index etc. might have had an effect on the XSP.
  3. As bjtap said I'd contact Autel CS. I don't recall hearing anyone have this happen unless it started to go home and the elevation was set that way for return to home.
    I know it's still in beta but I would update the firmware too.
  4. Thanks for responding to both of you.
    I was thinking it may have been a default setting for altitude that it went to..just not sure. After getting home, I opened the app and in settings changed the max altitude to 150'. Being my first flight of any drone, when it shot straight up it freaked me out a bit and I just wasn't looking at the controller as much as I was looking up at the drone. I live in a large gated community with pools, tennis courts, community building and kids playground. We have an open field by the playground that kids use to kick soccer, throw frisbees and such. I took it there to calibrate it and wanted to take it up, rotate it left and right, move it left, right, up and down and it just took off.
    The field, about 80 yds x 200 yds is surrounded by 30' trees. Had some magnetic interferrence warnings..took a while to get it calibrated.
    Seems very sensitive. I took off my smart watch, wedding ring, removed my smart phone from pocket, no keys, coins etc.
    I will contact customer service.
  5. If it went straight up I don't believe it can be just the Return to Home. Someone correct me if I am wrong. but doesn't the XSP have to be about 50 m away from the home point to have the Return to Home procedure to actually take effect? I interpret that to mean 50 m laterally away and not vertical.
  6. The 150 feet altitude limit is a different setting than the return to home altitude.
    It would have freaked me out too. Did you hit the cancel button to the far right on the controller when this happened? If you did It SHOULD have stopped what it was doing.
  7. The return to home has an altitude limit set also. So if you are sitting at 100 feet and have the RTH set at 150 and you hit the RTH it will climb to 150 feet then return to home.

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